TPF Committees and Contact Information

We have many people who have worked tirelessly and diligently to organize the Oakridge Tree Planting Festival (TPF) since 1953. Our many thanks to all who have contributed to our festival in past years and this year.

The TPF Planning Committee serves as a general committee with our current working committees and their chairpersons as listed below. There is always room for you to participate. If you would like to help out with one of the committees, or if you have a question, send an email message to committee [AT] Please indicate the person(s) or committee that you are contacting and we will forward your message.

Bob Wilson - Planning Committee Chair

Gary & Pam Monson - Grand Parade/Secretary

Sharon Lindsley - Treasurer

D'Lynn Williams - Tree Planting

(position open) - Communications and Promotions

Bob Wilson - Dinner Theater

Amy Kordosky - Talent Show

Erica McLaughlin - Coronation/Princesses

Robert Woodson - WoodFest

Sarah Altemus - Salmon Creek Fun 10K Run/3K Walk

Sharon Lindsley - Quilt Show

Katie Isacksen - Mini Olympics

Carolyn Fredrickson - Arts, Crafts and Entertainment Fair