2017 Oakridge Tree Planting Festival Grand Parade

PARADE DATE: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Staging starts @ 8:30am Parade starts @ 10:00am

Deadline for applications is May 5, 2017.

Click here to download or print the Application (pdf file).

Click here to download or print the Information Page (pdf file).


Drop off application at: Banner Bank or Fax to (541) 782-4262 For questions, call Pam at (541) 782-4261

The following the guidelines will make the parade a fun and safe experience for onlookers and participants.

Entries may be historical, humorous or modern design, as long as they are in good taste
Please identify on the float sponsors/builders of your float/entry with signage.
Floats may not exceed 10ft in width or 13.5 ft in height.
Entries may use sound amplifications for musical purposes, but may not address the audience with speeches/campaigning
Amplification systems must be no louder than 80-90 decibels

Each entry will be assigned a number which is your place in the line of the march. The number will be given to you before the parade date via your contact information on the attached sheet. Please contact all people participating in your entry and let them know your entry number to avoid confusion during staging time.

All entries with horses/pets must have someone follow and clean up.

All entries must be received by the deadline and reviewed by the parade committee. Entries must observe all applicable rules and regulations or be barred from the parade. The parade committee reserves the right to remove from the parade, either prior to assembly or at anytime during the parade, any entrant not conforming to these rules and regulations, or any entrant refusing to follow instructions of the police or parade officials. All entries must be in their assigned positions in order to participate.