Greetings from the People of Oakridge, Oregon, USA, to the People of the World

oakride oregon The heritage of the City of Oakridge started the same as that of every other region on earth. People came to our area to make a better life for themselves with the resources they found here, and these were the trees, the water and the wildlife of the surrounding mountains.

The prosperity of Oakridge has been connected to the life of the trees and so it was that in 1953 community leaders started an annual festival tradition that celebrates tree planting. We do not know of a connection, but 1953 was the year that Jean Giono published his short novel, The Man Who Planted Trees. At the time this book became famous world-wide and was translated into more than a dozen languages. The book stimulated many people to become involved with tree planting. 1953 was also the year that Japan started an annual tree planting festival that is held in a different region of the country each year.

A few years earlier, in 1950, Van Mahotsav, an annual tree-planting festival in India, was initiated by India's then Union Minister for Agriculture, Kulapati Dr.K M Munshi.

We believe that Oakridge may be the world's only community that has maintained a tree planting tradition every year (except once) for more than 60 years. We are very grateful to the many people whose dedication and effort helped maintain that tradition.

With these greetings we want to honor all those who have recognized the importance of planting trees and, more importantly, did something about it. With this website and our Facebook Page we are pleased to share our experiences. We are honored if you link to our site and are starting a page to link to other tree-planting sites and pages as well. If you would like us to link to your information, please send an email to tpflink [AT] You can also contact us through our Facebook Page at: Please bookmark this page and visit again.

Thank you for coming by!