Tree Planting Heritage Program

Our lives are our stories, and when we share our positive and inspirational stories with those around us, we strengthen them, ourselves, our communities and our cultures.  Our shared stories, written words, sounds and pictures, make up our heritage.

The pictures on this page are of a plant sculpture in the Montreal Botanical Garden.  The plant sculpture is from the famous story, The Man Who Planted Trees, about a "lone shepherd who single-handedly reforested a desolate valley in France in the early 20th century."

A strong, positive heritage creates a strong, positive spirit in people, and that's what makes heritage more important than anything.

In 2014, our committee started looking into the idea of developing an Oakridge Tree Planting Heritage program.  The goal of the program is to collect and share Oakridge Tree Planting festival stories and relate those to life in Oakridge.

tree planting heritage

We are starting the program with the 2016 Festival and need your help to tell others and share your stories.

We also need help with creating an online archive.  If you would like to help us with that, please send an email message to webmaster [AT]